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Trying to save the butterflies one at a time!

So what do you do when one of your former students is visiting and finds an injured monarch butterfly and asks you to save it?? You google for information like crazy and then raid your supply closet for everything you need to keep it (and your former student) happy for the afternoon. Four days later you have purchased a really big butterfly house and grown attached to the little guy who is still doing okay!

A Busy Day with the Bees

“A Busy Day with the Bees” was held recently at Wilmington Cooperative Preschool. Volunteer Dick Neff talked about beekeeping and the importance of bees to students.


Alyssa Shockley, Brayden Powell, Carter Bisig, Gracie Gerard, Hunter Shumaker, Jace Pittser, J.R. Evans, Kaden Zantene, Michala Welch, Sophia Purvis and Warren Guisleman.